Marian Small

Author and International Professional Development Consultant for Improved Mathematics Education


  • Professional development consultant to help schools and districts improve:
    • K-12 mathematics instruction
    • Differentiated mathematics instruction
  • Speaker at national, international conferences on K-12 mathematics
  • Senior author or co author:
    • A number of text series Grades K -12 used in Canada, the U.S., and Bhutan
    • PRIME (Professional Resources and Instruction for Math Educators), developmental maps describing mathematical growth across the grades along with support materials
    • NCTM Navigations series
    • Professional books on math methods, differentiated instruction, big ideas in mathematics, and more
  • Former dean and professor, the University of New Brunswick
  • Former chair and member, MathCounts writing team

Dr. Small is currently working with  Rubicon Publishing and Teachers College Press . Some recent works include:

  • Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Mathematics Instruction, 4th edition (K – 8)
  • Eyes on Math: A Visual Approach to Teaching Math Concepts (K – 8)
  • Leaps and Bounds 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8
  • Uncomplicating Fractions
  • Uncomplicating Algebra
  • Building Proportional Reasoning Across the Grades and Math Strands, K – 8.
  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson in Number Sense and Numeration: K – 3 and 4-8
  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson in Measurement and Pattern and Algebra, K-3 and 4 – 8
  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson in Geometry and Spatial Sense and Data Management and Probability (with Ryan Tackaberry)K-3 and 4 – 8
  • Making Math Meaningful to Canadian Students K-8, 4th edition
  • Teaching Mathematical Thinking
  • Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children: Building a Strong Foundation PreK-Grade 2  
  • The School Leader’s Guide to Building and Sustaining Math Success
  • Math that Matters: Targeted Assessment and Feedback, Gr 3 – 8 
  • Understanding  the Math  We Teach and How to Teach It  K-8 
  • Teaching Math Online: Great Ways to Differentiate Instruction and Support Parents
  • More Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Secondary Math Instruction, 2nd edition (6-8)
  • Open Questions for the Three-Part Lesson, Grade 9
  • Do They Really Understand? How We Can Make Sure Students Really Understand the Math We Teach
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